Online shopping in Mexico: The top 10 most popular products

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In this context of exponential growth, understanding the most popular products becomes essential for informed decision-making. Online shopping offers a range of benefits, from convenience to a wider variety of products. Let’s explore this boom by highlighting the 10 most purchased products online in Mexico.

The rise of online shopping in Mexico

E-commerce in Mexico has achieved impressive figures. According to the Mexican Internet Association (AMIPCI, by its abbreviation in Spanish), the value of the e-commerce market reached 500 billion pesos in 2022, with projections to grow to 700 billion pesos in 2023.

Some reasons:

  • The growth of the population with internet access. In 2023, the number of internet users represented over 80% of the population aged 6 and above. 72% of users trust online advertising.

Three obvious benefits of online shopping:

  • Convenience and accessibility.
  • Variety of products.
  • Ease of price comparison.

In addition to these three advantages, consumers save time, find promotions and discounts, and avoid crowds, further boosting the preference for e-commerce.

The top 10 most popular online purchases

The diversity of products available online is vast. However, according to a study conducted by AMIPCI on Internet consumption habits in Mexico, the figures from 2023 reveal that some products stand out as favorites among Mexican consumers.

  1. Clothing and Accessories (75.60%)

Users preferences: Clothing, bags, and accessories.

                Advertising investment: 6,593 million pesos

  1. Electronics (61%)

Users preferences: TVs to appliances

Advertising investment:  5,570 million pesos.

  1. Travel (48.60%)

Users preferences: Airline tickets, hotels, and travel packages.

Advertising investment: 5,269 million pesos.

  1. Home (45.80%)

Users preferences: Furniture and accessories.

Advertising investment: 4,657 million pesos.

  1. Books (40.90%)

Users preferences: Physical books, comics, and magazines.

Advertising investment: 4,315 million pesos.

  1. Pharmacy and Health (38.30%)

Users preferences: Medicines and personal care products. 

Advertising investment: 4,227 million pesos.

  1. Cellphones and Accessories (30.10%)

Users preferences: Apple products.

Advertising investment: 4,159 million pesos.

  1. Groceries (35.70%)
    Users preferences: Cleaning products, food, and beverages. 

Advertising investment:  3,981 million pesos.

  1. Music (33.10%)

Users preferences:  The age group of 18 to 34 tends to purchase music online. Major platforms include Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music. 

Advertising investment: 3,907 million pesos.

  1. Cosmetics (28.50%)

Users preferences: Makeup, bath products, and hair care. 

Advertising investment: 3,833 million pesos.

Where Mexicans shop:

According to a report from the Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO), the top-selling online stores in Mexico in 2023 were Mercado Libre, closely followed by Amazon Mexico and Walmart. Together, they represented 61.5% of total online sales in the country.

In 2023, sales were as follows:

  • Mercado Libre:  209,900 million pesos.
  • Amazon Mexico:  152,600 million pesos.
  • Walmart: 124,100 million pesos.

Where we are headed: A promising future for e-commerce in Mexico

With a projected growth of 11% from 2021 to 2025, Mexico is rapidly heading towards success in e-commerce. Social media and an online store are just the first steps to capitalize on this boom. As Steve Jobs once said, «Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.» In this sense, staying informed about consumer trends and preferences is crucial.

This phenomenon is not only attributed to the increased penetration of the Internet but also to the growth of the middle class and the rapid adoption of new technologies. In this universe where information and purchases are increasingly made online, staying abreast of trends is key to business success.

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